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Turn your ideas into reality with the IELSM

Our goal is to promote internationalization and the development of innovative business models in a digital and sustainable environment.




Integration into a learning and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

We facilitate the integration of professors into a learning network that fosters multicultural-collective intelligence and the exchange of international know-how. This network promotes interaction with entrepreneurs, renewing the skills and competencies of the professors.

Participation in the Executive Training Program

We integrate academics participating in IELSM to be part of the design of our educational proposal through the Digital Executive Education Program. This program provides the opportunity for continuous and ongoing updates in areas related to international entrepreneurship and business, allowing academics to share their knowledge with other stakeholders.

academic stays

We support the management of our teachers' processes so that they can carry out research stays at member universities in the IELSM.

Participation in a research network

We facilitate and support the creation of research networks among the participating universities in the digital platform. Additionally, this network is promoted to engage in various activities that foster knowledge transfer among participating professors.




Professional Internships 

Internship programs for students in fields such as International Business, Administration, Economics, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation, and related disciplines. These programs are designed to provide active digital learning experiences and multicultural environments, tailored to the regulations of universities and the real needs of participating companies in the IELSM.


Student participation in the IELSM platform is accredited by an international certificate endorsed by leading universities such as Business & Law School Berlin, Universidad Técnicas de Querétaro, and Universidad de Guanajuato. This certification is awarded based on the student's performance and is categorized accordingly. Additionally, students may receive internationally recognized recognition if they are among the top 15 talents in the IELSM for social entrepreneurship.

Partnership with

International Co-Creation and Ideation Lab for Business Models involving students from different universities, as well as entrepreneurs, academics, and experts. Additionally, international student mobility opportunities are offered.

Access to continuous information and scholarship programs.

Scholarships and continuing education courses on topics related to digitalization, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability in business, innovation ecosystems, agile and networked leadership, and other related subjects within the digital platform.




Participation in the Executive Training Program.

We involve experts in the design of our Executive Education Program. Experts contribute their knowledge to all participants, including companies, universities, and other stakeholders in the digital platform.


With the active participation of the expert in business models, the opportunity arises to carry out personalized consulting activities with the participating companies.




We facilitate the establishment of a network of contacts with various stakeholders such as universities, companies, experts, financiers, which allows for the exchange of information and value creation in order to establish productive professional relationships that lead to international partnerships or integration into an entrepreneurship ecosystem.


We identify business models with early-stage innovation potential, accelerating their processes and facilitating their internationalization.


We provide solutions to all companies in the face of challenges, needs, threats, and opportunities, creating value in business models and with the firm purpose of achieving sustained and scalable transformation.

New knowledge alongside experts

Virtual knowledge transfer activities scheduled and assisted by a facilitator or tutor. You acquire skills and capabilities for the implementation or optimization of business models. Additionally, IELSM provides you with an Executive Education Program that aims to address your needs.

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